Current Openings:

None at this time

Future Candidate Interviews:

We are always interested in meeting talent interested in future opportunities with the firm. We will review resumes from mid- to senior level professionals and may arrange informational interviews. Characteristics of interest can include:

  • Five+ years of professional experience in government. Congressional legislative assistant, legislative director, chief of staff, committee staff or federal agency experience in a senior policy or programmatic role.
  • A degree or advanced degree in a relevant field such as political science, public policy, law, communications, transportation/logistics or business/economics.
  • Thematic expertise in municipal affairs, transportation and infrastructure, congressional appropriations and revenue.
  • Experience as a registered federal lobbyist or foreign agent (overseas entity representation).
  • Legislative or regulatory drafting experience.
  • Experience developing publicly funded or financed capital projects.
  • Federal electoral campaign leadership experience.
  • Political action committee (PAC) management and fund raising experience.
  • Grassroots strategy and advocacy campaign experience.
  • Not-for-profit association management or government affairs experience.
  • General service/consulting project management experience.
  • Small business management experience.

Sorry, we will not review resumes from, nor meet with, individuals at an entry level!

Teaming and Partnering:

CC&H regularly teams with other firms to support client needs. We have successful partnering arrangements that have lasted decades. We are always interested in holding discussions with other private firms whose capabilities complement our own. Examples can include firms providing federal relations, policy analysis or public communications  to state and local units of government, private companies, trade and non-profit associations.