Chambers, Conlon & Hartwell (CC&H) was built on the premise of providing clients with broad representation in a wide variety of public policy issues, working closely with them to identify policy and funding barriers by developing comprehensive government affairs strategies that focus on results. Our professional team members have significant experience successfully representing clients before decision makers within the government space, including Congress, and have excellent working relationships throughout all branches federal government and many state governments. CC&H directs the government relations activities of a broad range of clients, including private corporations, municipalities, state governments, public agencies, and trade associations.

In over 30 years of Washington experience as a firm, CC&H has a strong history of delivering innovative results for our clients that ranges from successfully securing funding support for programs and projects to designing and implementing legislative strategies that resulted in policy-related and regulatory victories for our clients:

  • CC&H has secured a unique private sector tax credit that has brought over $1 billion of investment to the short line and regional railroad industry;
  • Secured federal funding for a university collaboration project that gave the project the ability to become self-sufficient and was expected to save the collaborating universities $17 million dollars a year;
  • Coordinated the lobbying effort that resulted in one client being named the recipient of a $400 million ARRA High Speed and Intercity Passenger Rail grant for station construction;
  • Secured a provision in the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers authorization bill allowing dredging at full federal expense at a depth to accommodate military vessels;
  • Manages and organizes a trade association’s annual Conference and Exhibition, increasing conference attendance in 15 years by 500% to the current level of 900 attendees;
  • Over a 14-year time period secured $780 million in formula eligibility and appropriations for a passenger/freight railroad;
  • Over a 14-year time period secured $780 million in formula eligibility and appropriations for a passenger/freight railroad;
  • Effectively coordinated negotiations between a State government and private entities on a $140 million government purchase of private land;
  • Successfully participated as a key part of team efforts with CC&H’s subsidiary firm in developing three successful TIGER grant applications;
  • Secured eligibility for a passenger/freight railroad for Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) appropriations and Federal Transit Administration (FTA) formula funds;
  • Secured $142 million to expand and modernize a U.S. port to accommodate and integrate all transportation modes;
  • Secured a provision requiring the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to use the least expensive alternative for developing the runway safety area of a city-owned U.S. airport;
  • Coordinated the legislative effort resulting in over $100 million in research funding for fiscal year 2006 for the same university system;
  • Drafted legislation resulting in the successful determination to make a previously ineligible client eligible for FTA formula funds;
  • Secured funding for medical equipment for a city-owned regional hospital serving a 15,000 square mile region which is geographically remote, accessible only by airplane or boat;
  • Secured a provision creating a low interest loan program for railroad rehabilitation and secured provisions increasing the program to from $3.5 to $35 billion;
  • Secured two separate federal assistance grants making available a total of $40 million for flood and tornado disaster recovery;
  • Prepared the application and subsequently secured approval of a $2.84 million Rail Relocation grant from the discretionary portion of the FY08 funding of which $14.3 million was available.
  • Helped establish the first industry-wide coalition to unify and effectively advocate for the development of passenger and freight rail in the U.S.;
  • Secured language allowing defense contractors to utilize internal research and development (R&D) funds for non-defense transportation technology (Positive Train Control), saving one client $10 million in one year;
  • Secured a provision allowing consolidation of all federal grants for the U.S. port expansion project in the U.S. Maritime Administration (MARAD);

Clients come to CC&H looking for a return on their investment in government affairs representation and they stay because they find a firm that gives them the results they need. CC&H is known for creating innovative strategies that have never before been attempted and then promoting those ideas until they are passed into law.