Advocacy and Government Affairs

CC&H provides clients with a wide range of advocacy and government affairs services. Whether a client is looking to establish a presence in Washington or make a change in existing law, CC&H has both the experience and contacts to protect and advance client interests.

Our service includes legislative and regulatory work with Congress and federal agencies, on behalf of local and multilateral units of governments as well as the private sector. In addition to handling federal legislative and regulatory affairs, CC&H develops and implements grassroots advocacy strategies in support of its efforts in Washington.

Federal Appropriations Management

The competition for federal funds is fierce. CC&H believes strong case development, good contacts, innovative thinking and creative grassroots support are the key to success. CC&H understands the federal appropriations process and can help clients define and articulate their needs in a way that maximizes their chance for success.

Regulatory Review and Analysis

CC&H works with its clients and executive branch agencies to analyze the impact of regulatory directives imposed by the federal government.  CC&H conducts day-to-day tracking of regulatory developments and communication of findings to our clients. CC&H also assists its clients in preparing written or oral responses for input into the rulemaking process. We have supported clients with their “hands-on” application of federal policies. For example, compliance for the design and construction of federally regulated equipment, and compliance with, or obtaining waivers from, domestic content requirements, such as Buy America laws.  

Government Loan and Grant Applications

CC&H and its sister company Seneca have successfully guided clients through numerous complex federal and state grant and loan application processes. We have successfully secured over $130 million in federal funding for client projects. We provide turnkey support to clients pursuing competitive grant programs like TIGER/BUILD, FASTLANE/INFRA and CMAQ. Our support includes initial scoping, determination of eligibility and assessing competitiveness, through preparation of required narratives, schedules, budgets, scope statements and benefit-cost analysis. Every step of the grant writing process is designed to incorporate strong communication between our expert grant writing team and our clients’ staff and stakeholders. We provide similar comprehensive support for applicants seeking funding through the USDOT’s loan programs such as RRIF. CC&H provides government relations support throughout the entire process of pursuing federal funds.

Testimony and Presentations

CC&H has extensive experience writing and delivering testimony or giving presentations on behalf of clients before Congress and administrative agencies. CC&H helps prepare client witnesses and event speakers for the question and answer periods of the forums in which they participate.

Government Affairs Reporting and Analysis

CC&H monitors legislation and activities of Congressional committees and effectively communicates with legislators and their staff, including providing analysis of the content of bills, Congressional reports, policy statements and other documents, and explaining the ramifications of legislation and regulations.

Grassroots and Political Fundraising Management

CC&H helps clients develop and manage effective grassroots programs to support their lobbying and outreach efforts. We specialize in mobilizing association memberships and identifying and leveraging industry supply chains to increase the impact of grassroots advocacy and fundraising. CC&H currently manages the fundraising and administrative activities of several clients’ Political Action Committees and has extensive experience conducting successful fundraising events for elected officials.

Coalition Building

CC&H has a wide range of contacts throughout the legislative community that can be employed to help clients build coalitions to advocate for their agenda. Over the past 30 years, CC&H has proven successful at bringing together various entities and groups for common purposes.  We effectively manage coalitions whose members have distinct, individual agendas but that unite in order to more effectively advocate for a shared agenda. We have supported coalition building on issues ranging from tax to transportation to welfare reform to telecommunications. Our experience has demonstrated that coalitions can be powerful advocacy tools when combined with a well-thought-out lobbying strategy.

GIS Mapping

Using geographic information system (GIS), CC&H is able to help organizations analyze and communicate the impact of their production, transportation, distribution or customer networks on the public and correspondingly the impacts of public policy on those networks and stakeholders. GIS can produce geographical visual representations that convey to key decision-makers the results of complex problems in a way that is easily understood and shared.

Association Management

CC&H provides association management services to a wide array of clients. Our responsibilities range from managing every aspect of an association’s activities to participating in specific public relations or government affairs tasks. CC&H has been particularly effective in generating interest and enthusiasm in association activities so as to improve member participation, particularly at annual meetings and through overall association program development. We routinely provide turnkey planning and management of complex, multi-day association events with upwards of 1,000 attendees.